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NITRALZ® - for the production of various API’s
NITRALZ® - special solvents for individual requirements
NITRALZ® - for HPPs & Phthalocyanine Pigments
NITRALZ® - for the production of various APIs


AlzChem - we stand for tradition and innovation

Located in the south of Germany, AlzChem stands for tradition and innovation: Based on more than 50 years of nitriles experience we have developed and launched several new products using our technology in recent years.

We offer reliability, quality, flexibility and innovation: State-of-the-art process controls, short production changeover, German precision, proprietary catalysts and a safe supply chain.

We produce "green": Our gas-phase technology stands for low emissions and reduced waste. Our on-site incinerator converts off-gas to water and carbon dioxide, and in the case of chlorinated benzonitriles to hydrochloric acid which is used in other processes on site.


Dr. Ralf Oeschey

Dr. Ralf Oeschey

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