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New product at AlzChem

Break-Thru® SP 133 - a crop protection additive for organic farming

AlzChem launches a new development in crop protection additives. With Break-Thru SP 133 we are offering for the first time an additive, which can also be used in organic farming. The new additive reduces the surface tension of spray mixtures for crop protection and enhances adhesion of the spray coating and penetration of active ingredients into the plant. It also leads during spraying to the formation of larger drops and thereby reduces the drift of fine droplets.

Break-Thru® SP 133 is made of renewable resources.
It is the first additive from the group of polyglycerol esters, which has been included in the list of ingredients for organic farming in Germany. It can be used in organic as well as in conventional farming to ensure good wetting, a stable spray coating and a low-drift spreading. With Break-Thru® SP 133 farmers can optimize the effect of crop protection and plant strengthening agents as well as foliar fertilizers.

AlzChem introduced Break-Thru® S 301, the first biodegradable trisiloxane superspreader, last year. Now, the market launch of a bio-approved additive based on renewable resources represents a further step in the direction of greener crop protection.

® = Registered trade mark of Evonik Industries AG or its affiliates


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Veronika Pfaffenberger

Veronika Pfaffenberger