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Figan 2019


On March 21st, during the animal production trade show in Zaragoza (Spain), AlzChem will organize a seminar about swine dysentery and hygiene management in pigsties. The liquid manure underneath slatted floors holds numerous risks for successful pig farming: not only are many pathogens able to survive in the manure and remain viable and infectious for several months, it is also an ideal breeding ground for flies. 

ALZOGUR® is a product for the treatment of liquid manure used in Germany for more than 30 years, where it is a standard tool in swine dysentery eradication programs. It destroys the infective agent  (Brachyspira hyodysenteriae), it fights the larvae of flies and also reduces the noxious gas released from liquid manure. In Spain ALZOGUR® was registered in 2015.

Experts from both countries will have the opportunity to exchange their experiences. We are looking forward to interesting conversations!