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Notes on storage

  • The storage area must be carefully cleaned before equipping with calcium cyanamide and PERLKA®, and this is especially the case with loose goods
  • Calcium cyanamide must be stored dry and protected from damp
  • Do not store it together with highly flammable and combustible materials and substances
  • Store it separately away from fertilizers containing nitrates, and away from substances that are acid and alkaline reactive
  • Calcium cyanamide PERLKA® may only be stored together with ammonium- and ammonium nitrate-containing fertilizers when it is adequately separated from them. Adequately separated means:   

- A minimum distance of 5 m when stored loose outdoors

- A minimum distance of 2.50 m when stored loose in a storage room

- A minimum distance of 1 m for packaged products in a storage room

          (non-reactive substances can be stored in between)

  • With loose calcium cyanamide PERLKA® there are no material-related storage problems since the product does not corrode wood, concrete, plastics or steel.
  • When storing in flat stores the usual principles for loose storage of mineral fertilizers should be observed  (cover with PE film)
  • Storage in tower silos is straightforward; as long as damp is prevented from getting in there should be no bridging and caking
  • Transport and interim storage in sloped-bottom containers is also straightforward.