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DYHARD® for adhesives

The crucial requirement when formulating adhesives is to have a long shelf life even at higher temperatures. This means that the accelerators used in the mix of epoxy resin, hardeners, accelerators and fillers must have a very special reactivity profile, high latency at room temperature and enough reactivity at elevated temperatures.

As adhesives are applied in thin layers the storage-stable hardener must have the finest particle size possible.

The resulting “reactive hot melts” or single component adhesives are used as structural adhesives, particularly in the automotive industry, where they replace conventional joining technologies such as riveting and welding.


DYHARD® product range  
Hardener DYHARD® 100S, 100SH, 100SF
Latent accelerators DYHARD® UR300, UR700, UR800, URAcc13
Accelerator pastes DYHARD® D50EP, DF50EP



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Jörg Brinkmann

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