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DYHARD® cross-linkers

DYHARD® - every day, everywhere

DYHARD® is the brand name for high-performance cross-linkers based on dicyandiamide hardeners, urone and imidazole accelerators. DYHARD® products are sold to the adhesives, powder coating and, in particular, to the composite materials industry.

The curing agents and accelerators of the DYHARD® product range perform a key role in helping manufacturers to produce end products for high demanding applications in a safely manner.

DYHARD® crosslinkers are widely used in the automotive and aviation industries and in wind power plants. They are also used in the electronic industry and for manufacturing sports equipment.

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Jörg Brinkmann

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Powder coatings are manufactured from solid resins, pigments and fillers together with hardeners and accelerators. The raw materials are premixed, then melted in an extruder and then milled. Powder coatings are sprayed electrostatically onto (semi) conductive substrates and hardened in an oven at high temperatures. Powder coatings are very environmentally friendly as there are no solvents used and little waste produced.

DYHARD® product range
Hardeners DYHARD® 100, 100S
High gloss hardeners DYHARD® OTB
Matting curing agents DYHARD® PMC, PIN, CAAB
Accelerators DYHARD® UR700, MI-FF, MI-C, PI, PI-FF



The laminates used for printed circuit boards (CCL = copper clad Iaminates) are usually manufactured from glass fibre fabrics which are impregnated with epoxy resins, hardeners and accelerators. The impregnated glass fibre fabrics are dried and pre-cured in hot-air furnaces (B-stage). Several such pre-impregnated layers are laminated together at high pressure and cured at high temperatures into circuit boards. DYHARD® products can be used to meet FR-4, FR-3, CEM-1 and CEM-3 standards.


DYHARD® product range
Hardeners DYHARD® 03
Accelerators DYHARD® MI-C, PI


Glass or carbon fabrics are impregnated with a mix of epoxy resin, hardeners and accelerators. These so called prepregs are pre-cured and subsequently stored at low temperatures. Next, after they have been cut to size, they are hardened in a mould at temperatures between 100°C and 140°C in an autoclave or press. These types of composites are used, for example, in the aviation and automotive industries, in the production of rotor blades for wind power stations and for manufacturing sports equipment such as bicycle frames, tennis rackets and golf clubs.


DYHARD® product range
Hardeners DYHARD® 100S, 100SH
Latente accelerators DYHARD® UR200, UR300, UR400, UR500
DYHARD® URAcc13, URAcc 57
Non-latente accelerators DYHARD® MI-FF, MI-C, PI-FF, PI
Hardener pastes DYHARD® D50EP, DF50EP
Accelerator pastes DYHARD® A2M30, A5M30



The crucial requirement when formulating adhesives is to have a long shelf life even at higher temperatures. This means that the accelerators used in the mix of epoxy resin, hardeners, accelerators and fillers must have a very special reactivity profile, high latency at room temperature and enough reactivity at elevated temperatures.

As adhesives are applied in thin layers the storage-stable hardener must have the finest particle size possible.

The resulting “reactive hot melts” or single component adhesives are used as structural adhesives, particularly in the automotive industry, where they replace conventional joining technologies such as riveting and welding.


DYHARD® product range  
Hardener DYHARD® 100S, 100SH, 100SF
Latent accelerators DYHARD® UR300, UR700, UR800, URAcc13
Accelerator pastes DYHARD® D50EP, DF50EP




In addition to the proven hardeners and accelerators in powder form for epoxy resin applications, we have also high-performance liquid products in our portfolio, e.g. for prepregs, RTMs or filament windings. These products score with their excellent latency and great energy saving potential. We gladly send you further information.
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Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM), is the best manufacturing technology for the production of high volume and complex components. AlzChem AG offers an feedstock for CIM based on silicon nitride powder –Silzot® FS. This feedstock not only allows you to produce complex shapes, but the sintered parts will have the highest mechanical properties, like silicon nitride ceramics produced in conventional ways.
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Segmented in Silzot® Powder and Silzot® Processed Grades, AlzChem AG offers a wide product range for the manufacturing of silicon nitride ceramics. The different Silzot® products are tailor-made to fit for most of the established moulding processes.
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Following the successful relaunch of the AlzChem homepage, the marketing unit Nutrition has redesigned the website of Creapure®. The project Creapure® Internet Relaunch was started in collaboration with a Munich agency last year. Customers and interested parties can find the website at now available in a new design and with optimized navigation. Instead of overloaded pages with too many contents, the focus is on the essentials. A fresh layout, with expressive images and...
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12.03.2019 to 14.03.2019
DYHARD® – every day, everywhere Under the brand name DYHARD®, AlzChem markets micronised dicyandiamide based high-performance cross-linking agents as well as imidazole & urea based accelerators. Target markets are the adhesive, powder coating...
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