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42 new apprentices begin their training

Trostberg. September 1, 42 new apprentices began their future careers at the TROSTBERG CHEMICAL PARK. The training offered for seven professions in the disciplines of natural sciences, engineering and commerce takes 2 ½ to 3 ½  years. Manfred Hochreiter, head of training at AlzChem, was very pleased to welcome the new professionals, and put them all in the mood for the training ahead, saying: "We provide our apprentices in the various stages of their training and professions with very thorough training, and expect commitment, ambition, hard work and stamina. The Trostberg Chemical Park now has a total of 138 apprentices and future professionals for the AlzChem and BASF chemical companies.

Apart from its own apprentices AlzChem also handles the training for BASF at the Trostberg site. As part of the training alliance project (Verbundausbildung) the new apprentices this time also include three trainees from ASK Chemicals Metallurgy GmbH in Unterneukirchen. AlzChem is also providing training modules for one machine operator and one systems operator from DS Smith Packaging in Traunreut.

AlzChem executive board chairman Ulli Seibel, the heads of the works councils Karl Held (AlzChem AG) and Christian Huber (BASF Trostberg), and the head of training Manfred Hochreiter along with his training staff, were all at a reception to welcome the apprentices.

Klaus Kamhuber, in charge of human resources at the BASF site, made the point that qualified, up-and-coming professionals are essential for a company's medium and long term success. “On top of this, as a successful company we want to – and must – assume a social responsibility for young people”, said Kamhuber.

In apprentice year 2015 as before, the TROSTBERG CHEMICAL PARK is making a significant contribution to providing young people with good prospects for the future, with its trainee ratio of more than 8%. "Nowhere is the human spirit at its happiest than when a person has found just the right work to do." Quoting these words from Alexander von Humboldt, Karl Held, head of the AlzChem AG works council, wished the new apprentices every happiness in the profession they have chosen. "Good training is the key to jobs that have a future. Go and prove to those outside that you can rise to any challenge, show them what you are capable of and let them see that you are not afraid of new things. And prove it to yourselves too! And let all your excellent training give a massive boost to your self-confidence", said Held by way of encouragement.

Head of training Manfred Hochreiter made this appeal to the young people – “For us to continue to maintain the high level of training that we are well-known for and to keep pace with a steadily changing working environment, we are naturally going to need you to invest all your commitment and motivation!”.
He then handed over the 42 youngsters into the good care of the trainers.

The closing date for applications to join the 2016 apprenticeship program is October 2, 2015.

42 new apprentices begin their training
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