Our contribution for the availability of medicine essential for life


Triethylsilane is used as reagent for reduction or catalytic hydrosilylation in the synthesis for new as well as established pharmaceutical actives medication. A catalytic hydrosilylation is a very gentle and selective addition reaction of a silicon-hydrogen bond to a carbon double bond. This enables the synthesis of molecules, that would otherwise not be accessible or only by costly indirect pathways. In comparison to other reagents for catalytic hydrosilylation, triethylsilane is easy to handle and can be obtained in high purity relevant to the pharma industry. Triethylsilane is therefore indispensable for the production of high quality actives for the pharmaceutical industry. Medication based on triethylsilane is applied as treatment of cancer, diabetes, influenza and further diseases.

Triethylsilane is manufactured via a so called “Grignard-reaction”. AlzChem has a special expertise to perform this challenging reaction in large scale. As one of the few producers worldwide, we manufacture triethylsilane exclusively from European raw materials in our multi-purpose plant in Trostberg, Germany. Our next campaign will take place this year. Another campaign can already be arranged next year. In this way, we likewise contribute to the prospective secure availability of medicine essential for life. 

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Michaela Hausmann-Hofer

Michaela Hausmann-Hofer