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AlzChem pays a visit to an elementary school

Hart. The Hart elementary school now has its new tablet-based learning system up and running. AlzChem director Stefan Greger went to see for himself – and came away very impressed. When he visited class 3a the students were diligently typing in the right answers (we hope!) into their tablet computers. School Principal Heiko Schachtschabel is proud of the new medium, an additional electronic contribution to teaching at the elementary school that has enhanced all aspects of teaching since it was introduced last year. The students solve mathematical tasks, answer questions on local history, geography and general knowledge, and practice German grammar and syntax. The questions and the tasks are not themselves new, but using a tablet device as the medium is something that is definitely new at the school. It lets the students learn at their own pace. The answers to the questions are shown as right or wrong and the computer makes note of the answers. If required it will produce individually tailored profiles for each student, and can also determine how difficult the next questions should be. The teacher then uses the computer to evaluate the marks. It means the teacher gets a good overview of how much the student knows and how quickly he or she is learning. The new learning system is flexible, and always up-to-date – updates are loaded automatically and regularly onto the devices. The tablets can also be networked up to the PC or tablet at home via the Internet. Says Heiko Schachtschabel: “We are moving with the times. The computer has been a regular component of classroom tuition for a long time now. But now we have tablets that we can use that are very practical and portable. I am proud of this development and very pleased that the tablets have been well received by the pupils, the teachers and the parents too.”

Stefan Greger was obviously impressed as well, particularly at the ease with which the children use the devices and especially the fun they had doing so. “Here in Hart they are keeping right up-to-date with latest developments. When I see how successfully modern media is already being used at the elementary school level then it confirms something that I strongly believe in: it is important and it is right to invest in the future, in education and in the upcoming generation.” AlzChem AG provided the initial financing for this project. Greger adds: “AlzChem has been involved with regional schools for a long time now, working closely together with them – and this project at the school has particularly impressed us.” The company has been promoting the natural sciences at schools and kindergartens for many years now through its science projects “Science – How Does It Work?”, “Science Plus” and “Science for the Very Young”.

AlzChem pays a visit to an elementary school AlzChem supports young academics
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