Reliable supply of intermediate products "Made in Germany" for pharmaceuticals by AlzChem

For many years, AlzChem has been supporting its pharma customers with a wide range of intermediates for medicinal products such as treatment of HIV, cancer, hypertension and diabetes.

The current COVID-19 health crisis has again demonstrated the emerging problem of shortages of medicines in Europe and led to consideration of the European Union to regain its health sovereignty by decreasing dependence on non European countries. 

Currently, our customers appreciate the reliable availability of our NITRALZ®, TROPHARM and Bioselect® products as well as our full range of fine and specialty chemicals. With our comprehensive product portfolio we provide a dependable supply of intermediates "Made in Germany".  

For further information please refer to our product catalog or contact the responsible AlzChem representative of the corresponding product line. 

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Dr. Alexander Dippold

Dr. Alexander Dippold