Silicon Nitride - Silzot®: A raw material from AlzChem for extraordinary ceramic materials

Silicon nitride ceramics have extraordinary material properties. Nevertheless, there are still only a few technically demanding niche applications where this material is used. Some of these niche applications are glow plugs for diesel vehicles, very low-maintenance and high precision rolling bearings, or structural and protective elements for the aluminium casting industry. Silicon nitride offers significant advantages when it comes to temperature-, chemical- and abrasion-resistance, while at the same time offering very high strength and low weight. In addition, the relatively high thermal conductivity and non-conductive properties make silicon nitride also a suitable material for high-performance electronics, which are essential for e-mobility technologies.

Those material properties make silicon nitride a very promising material that can help to realize the energy and transport turnaround faster and more efficient in the future.

AlzChem would like to dedicate a series of review articles to silicon nitride. Which will provide a deeper insight for the specific material properties, the corresponding applications and the manufacturing process of silicon nitride ceramics, based on Silzot® powders.

The first article – “Silicon Nitride established for high performance ceramics - Why is it so special and what can we expect from this material?”- is going to be published on the AlzChem Homepage within September! Be excited!

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