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See you at ESPN in Spain?

Elevated temperature and heat stress is a common problem in poultry husbandry, leading to detrimental animal welfare and growth. Muscle myopathies from rapid growth is another concern in today´s poultry nutrition with high relevance to meat quality. However, physiological creatine and phosphocreatine availability could be of importance for the animal to support cellular energy supply and might be highly relevant during growth or heat. Also, how about creatine supply from diets containing animal by-products, as opposed to entirely plant based feed?

Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) is a recently authorized feed additive and the only approved source of creatine for broiler and pig nutrition. At ESPN, we present three new scientific studies on GAA in broilers to gain further insights in its functionality and effects. GAA is the active ingredient in CreAMINO®, provided to the market exclusively by Evonik. Check out at their booth for further information. We look forward to meet up with you at ESPN and discuss on GAA!

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Oliver Link

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