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The new BREAK-THRU® S 301 is readily biodegradable

AlzChem has launched another product innovation for modern agriculture:

BREAK-THRU® S 301, the first biodegradable tank-mix additive for plant protection, which belongs to the category of high-performance siloxanes.

BREAK-THRU® S 301, as the patented successor product of the well-established super spreader BREAK-THRU® S 240, delivers the same performance and has a better environmental profile. Due to high biodegradability, the new product is not classified as dangerous for the environment and has not to be labeled with the fish tree symbol. Furthermore, BREAK-THRU® S 301 does not belong to the class of dangerous goods, this simplifies transport and storage.

BREAK-THRU® S 301 will be commercially available in the spring season 2018 and is offered as the new standard additive from AlzChem.

The application recommendations remain the same as for the well-proven predecessor product. However, the application rates of BREAK-THRU® S 301 are by trend lower, this reduces the application costs and increases the economic benefit.

With this product innovation AlzChem follows the increasing environmental awareness in agriculture and contributes to an effective and environmental safe crop protection.

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Klasse

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Klasse