Perlka® - when Yield and Quality needs Soil Health

During their field tour mid-April Hyphen Zhang and Dr. Malte Römer travelled through the North of China running sale presentations for Perlka® and meeting growers at their farm sites. Here in China, where Perlka® is also known as Zhuangbobo®, the grower's awareness for soil health and soil quality is in the learning process. Particularly, in cropping areas such as Liaoning province, intensified greenhouse cultivation with small areas -often 1000m2 only- are subject to higher pressure of productivity and quality.  


With current fertilizers and soil hygiene practices, growers try to counteract visible decreasing soil health, associated with an increase of soil borne pests and fungal diseases, respectively. During the cropping periods, growers tend to overuse various fertilizers, organic manure, and questionable biostimulants. However, with products such as fumigation as tool of hygiene management before cropping periods, further damage until complete collapse of production system is predicted and already noticeable. 


Here Perlka®, with 111 years of product development, widely used globally and in his home market Germany, comes into play due to its strength as specialty fertilizer with additional  unique physiological effects for plant and soil. With increasing use, Perlka® combined with good agriculture practice starts to shift intensive agriculture systems on a more productive and sustainable level.


With Perlka®, growers confirmed good control of soil pests as well as fungal diseases in greenhouse crops after transplanting. During the season, growers reported evenly growth of plants, increased plant resistance, higher yield, as well as better soil structure during soil tillage and crop rotation. Additionally, easy and safe use by broadcast without any dust development, homogenous granular structure and fast biological reaction into soil were mentioned. Moreover, with Perlka® particularly strawberry growers observed better fruit set, higher sugar content and even fruit coloring and full-bodied, fresh taste.


Through these experiences, it became evident that higher yield and quality is ensured by good, healthy soil and the right means of fertilization.

Dr. Malte Römer

Dr. Malte Römer

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