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PERLKA® Seminar in Antalya (Turkey)

Last Thursday 8th of June, a Calcium Cyanamide PERLKA® seminar took place in Antalya, Turkey. Organized by AlzChem together with our partner Sumi Agro Turkey, the event was attended by several professionals related to the horticulture sector.

The region around Antalya is the main production area for vegetables in Turkey and PERLKA® is a fertilizer used there since many years, particularly in tomato and pepper grown under greenhouse. Turkish growers appreciate the balanced plant nutrition provided by the slow release of nitrogen and the important supply of calcium that makes the plant stronger and more resistant to pathogens. Also very valued are the side effects of PERLKA® on the soil hygiene. Several scientific studies have shown that the application of PERLKA® promotes soil biological activity and the balance between pathogens and beneficial microorganisms leans toward the latter.

Many interesting discussions took place during the seminar. Local experience with PERLKA® shows that this fertilizer can successfully be used under Mediterranean climate and soil conditions.

José Martínez

José Martínez

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