PERLKA® – new markets in Eastern Europe

After an extensive approval procedure, the AlzChem product PERLKA® has been registered in the Ukraine: Since June 2019 PERLKA® can be used in the cultivation of vegetable crops and potatoes. 

Not least due to its positive side effects, calcium cyanamide fertilizer of the PERLKA® brand is already known in many countries as a special fertilizer. The Ukrainian vegetable producers learned about these effects from their colleagues from other European countries a few years ago, and now they can finally use PERLKA® in the Ukraine as well. The first applications will be in cabbage and potato cultivation in the Dnipro region.

Due to the lower pH value of the soil and a close crop rotation, problems with Clubroot have occurred in several regions of the Ukraine. The fungal plant disease can survive years in the soil and causes a disturbance of the nutrient and water supply. After an infection, only few plants survive.

As the effects of this soil-borne disease are steadily increasing in the Ukraine, one of the largest local vegetable producers - VPK-Agro, market leader in various types of cabbage, potatoes and some other vegetables – started to convince them self of the effectiveness of the special fertilizer PERLKA®.

At the same farm, the nutrition by PERLKA® is tested in potatoes. Target of the trial is to prove the repellent side effects against wireworms to ensure more undamaged tubers with highest quality.

PERLKA® has already proven its positive effect in cabbage as well as potato cultivation in many countries in long-term use. Used correctly, the AlzChem special fertilizer can also secure the volume and quality of yields for Ukrainian farmers.

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