AlzChem picks up speed: a more than a year of own sales of Creamino®

Through the own distribution of Creamino®, a very strong growth could be achieved since the beginning of the year. All relevant customers are now aware of Creamino® and AlzChem's sales department, and our highly motivated and powerful team is available to all customers worldwide. Creamino® is a feed additive that increases feeding efficiency or saves feed.

As it stands today, we have been supplying Creamino® to the animal nutrition market for ten years.
For the first decade of its existence, Creamino® was produced by AlzChem but brought to the market by a wholesaler. However, inspired by a desire to get closer to its animal nutrition clients, AlzChem struck out on its own at the beginning of last year. The change to direct distribution of Creamino® has allowed AlzChem’s expertise in this very particular product to shine and has given it valuable insights into what the market needs and sharpened the focus of the market on the benefits of Creamino®.

The transition to direct purchasing was completed smoothly for both customers and AlzChem. Since Creamino® already came from our own production, there was no change in the production factors; the quality remained at the same high level, only the packaging was changed to the AlzChem brand. In fact, in September 2019, our second dedicated Creamino® plant went into operation following a 50 million Euro investment. This became necessary due to the steadily increasing worldwide demand for Creamino®.

“Looking back over the past year, we are proud to say that we have successfully brought home our business and have been fully operational since January first 2019,” reports Robert Alber, Vice President Animal Nutrition at AlzChem. We have our own sales reps in Europe and the United States. In other areas of the world, we are working with specialized regional distribution partners. Moreover, we offer an in-depth nutritional assistance to our customers around the topic of creatine effect and energy metabolism, via our specialized technical team. AlzChem is not only a fully backward integrated manufacturer of Creamino® with regard to the key raw material cyanamide, but also a leading company in theoretical and practical research on all aspects of creatine and creatine effects. From this, AlzChem draws its extensive knowledge of nutritional concepts and the mechanisms of action of creatine on cell energy.

The effects of Creamino® lead to further commercially relevant advantages such as improved feed conversion and energy sparing. However, the most important application of Creamino® is "on-top", because of its primary function as a source of creatine. The higher yields in growth and muscle meat in general, and for poultry breast meat simultaneously, have a very strong economic effect. Reduced mortality, better heat stress resistance and significantly reduced muscle myopathies like wooden breast are some of many more beneficial effects you will find after applying Creamino®. In any case, the healthier growth promoted by Creamino® also supports animal health and welfare.

"Keeping sales in our own hands helps us a lot because we can now adapt product development more intensively to the needs of our customers," says Alber.  This is paying off very well, as we can now intensify product development according to the needs of our customers. We are planning to work out in more detail the conditions under which Creamino® use is most beneficial, and to establish more data on how creatine could address the current issues we hear about from our customers.
The healthier growth promoted by Creamino® also supports animal health and welfare. So far, the application is focused on broilers, but currently we are intensifying research projects - some of them very promising - to develop further applications of the creatine concept in other animal species; for some of them we have every reason to expect interesting results.

“Taking Creamino® holistically into our product and sales portfolio was a very good decision and we are looking very positively into our future.”, summarizes Alber. “AlzChem is not only inventor, producer and patent-holder of Creamino®, but we are also the specialist in creatine and energy metabolism. This makes us unique, offering new opportunities for us and our customers.”

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