LIVADUR® – the Energizer with pure creatine – Radio Broadcast on Klassik Radio on 1 February 2020

As of now, LIVADUR® will be promoted on broadcast nationwide. Pharmacist Nina Zehrmann will talk about LIVADUR® within the context of Klassik Radios show the “Gesunde Stunde”.


It is mainly about the positive effects of the "fuel" creatine:

LIVADUR® can help you to counteract the age-related breakdown of strength and muscle mass. Creatine is not only important for healthy aging; it might also support cognitive functions, e.g. improving memory.


You can look forward to a very interesting show. Listen to the “Gesunde Stunde” on Saturday February 1st from 5 to 6 p.m..


LIVADUR®: The Premium Creatine for Pharmacy Customers Age 55+

The dietary supplement LIVADUR® is produced by the Bavarian creatine expert AlzChem Trostberg GmbH and only available in pharmacies. LIVADUR® supports active men and women to get the most out of their exercise and training. With 3g of creatine per daily dosage, the product provides the ideal amount of the beneficial ingredient. The creatine is exclusively manufactured in German facilities. It is subject to strict regulations and monitoring to ensure consistent high quality, purity and safety. The manufacturing process is synthetic. No animal or plant-based raw materials are used. The product is therefore vegan and free of fructose, lactose and gluten and other known allergens. Only LIVADUR® by the Bavarian creatine expert AlzChem is creatine in premium quality and 100% “Made in Germany” – You can count on that.

To increase the supply of creatine to your body, just pour the content of one portion bag into a glass of water. Ideally, you should enjoy the refreshing lemon-flavored beverage immediately after your workout. If you stick to your routine and take the supplement consistently, it will lead to a noticeably improved performance and fitness within three to four weeks. This consequently will boost your motivation to stay active.

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