Increasing efficiency through digitalization

The digitalization not only brings many changes in private life, but also more and more additional advantages and opportunities in the world of work. AlzChem is also taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization, making many internal processes more simple, transparent and secure. One example is the digitization of rail tank wagon management using GPS trackers and container management using an RFID tag.

For many years, railroad cars have been rolling on the tracks of the world, bringing CaD® - AlzChem's hot metal desulfurization agent to customers. As the market leader in the field of calcium carbide-based pig iron desulphurization agents, it is our task to ensure the highest level of delivery reliability and punctuality in delivery. The data from the GPS trackers are not only used for the location and tracking of our railway wagons. Much more, they are taken as input for our internal logistics software and processed in such a way that an optimized interaction between logistics and production planning is achieved.

In order to make processes more simple, transparent and secure, AlzChem has already digitalized the container management for gas carbide containers at its Sundsvall site in Sweden. The positive experiences with this system have led us to introduce this system for carbide containers at the Trostberg site as well.

An RFID* tag is attached to each container. Relevant information such as filling quantity, revision date or order number is stored electronically on this tag. Writing and reading the tag is done conveniently at the push of a button or automatically when the respective step is carried out.

In the background, all information is transferred to the SAP system of AlzChem. In this way, not just the time-consuming filling out of forms is avoided, but it is now also possible to evaluate all information on containers with just a few clicks and, if necessary, to track individual containers.

* radio-frequency identification
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