Graduation for young professionals

AlzChem released 39 trainees into professional life – well equipped and with excellent grades.

At a traditional ceremony on April 12, 2018, the management of AlzChem and BASF discharged 39 trainees. Of the 14 women and 25 men who have now completed their training, 34 will be taken on by AlzChem or BASF and five will leave the chemical park, two of them for further training.

“You are now well equipped for the next phase of your life,” praised AlzChem training manager Manfred Hochreiter at the certificate presentation. “With a little cleverness, willingness to take risks and the necessary stamina, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.” He added, however, that being successful calls for hard work: “You have to constantly prove yourself in your professional environment in order to meet future demands.”

Many additional honors for particularly good degrees testify to the high level of training at Trostberg Chemical Park: 13 state prizes were awarded by the vocational school – two for the prefect grade of 1.0 and eleven for outstanding results below 1.5 – and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce awarded ten of the young professionals for examination results with grades better than 1.5. On top of that, 16 of this year’s graduates had already passed their exams early last summer thanks to special achievements and other factors.

Christian Lange, HR & Social Affairs Director at AlzChem, underlined not only the achievements of graduates but also those of AlzChem as a training company: “Good employees don’t just fall from the sky. They must be carefully trained and developed. Our company has earned a particularly good reputation for doing that.”

Erich Lackner, Managing Director of BASF Construction Solutions GmbH, encouraged the graduates to be courageous and energetic. “It's not the things we do in life that we regret on our death bed, it is the things we do not,” he said, quoting the late American computer science professor Randy Pausch. He also wished the young graduates enough strength and prudence not to let themselves get down about setbacks – which are unavoidable in life.

Graduation also means that the graduates can no longer rely on the protecting hand of trainers – now they themselves are responsible for their lives and their futures, according to AlzChem works council member Otto Wolf. “As far as I can see, your training at AlzChem and BASF has provided you with excellent tools for your next steps. Just please stay curious, stick your neck out and keep learning all your life.”

Training is a critical element at the Trostberg Chemical Park. For many years, the training rate has been at least eight percent, well above the Bavarian chemical industry average of 4.5 percent. An eighth option will also be added to the seven previous training positions at the Chemical Park. Besides chemical technician, chemical laboratory assistant, electronics technician for industrial engineering, industrial mechanic, industrial clerk, clerk for office communication and IT system electronics technician, warehouse logistics will be available as of 2018.

On September 1, another 44 young professionals will start their training at AlzChem, nine of them financed by BASF and two by ASK in Unterneukirchen, AlzChem’s neighbor at the Hart site.

More information on training at AlzChem is available at or at Training Day on May 4, 2018.


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Graduation for 39 young professionals ©AlzChem Group AG. Graduation for 39 young professionals ©AlzChem Group AG.
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