Dormex® convinces sustainably – new registrations for additional cultures in USA and Australia!

Recently, the AlzChem product Dormex® has received new registrations in the USA and Australia for use in additional crops: In the USA, the use on pistachios and almonds has been approved by the responsible authority (EPA - Environmental Protection Agency). On the other side of the world, in Australia, almonds and walnuts are now on the list of crops for which Dormex® is suitable and approved.

Dormex® is a growth regulator that breaks the dormancy of cultivated plants and induces earlier and more uniform new shoots. This is particularly important in regions with mild winters, where the cold stimulus is necessary to control new sprouting. Dormex® helps farmers to increase the volume and quality of their yields. In that way, Dormex® can contribute significantly to the global security of supply of plant-based foods. For example, almonds and nuts not just play an important crop-specific role in the diet of many regions, but also provide essential vitamins and trace elements as well as valuable nutrients in compressed form due to their high energy density.

To obtain new registrations, the effectiveness of the product is tested in several trials under local conditions. AlzChem is then in a position to make a specific recommendation on the use of the product in the respective crop and notify the competent authority, which will then decide on further registration.

AlzChem continues to work on additional registrations: The global demand for healthy food is increasing and Dormex® helps farmers to improve their crop yields in terms of both quantity and quality.

As a sustainable product with a positive impact on the world food situation, Dormex® also stands for the consistent growth path of AlzChem and contributes significantly to the continued growth of the business.

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