Creatine Health Claim

Authorisation for an additional Creatine Health Claim

Through its Regulation (EU) 2017/672, effective April 7, 2017, the European Commission has approved an additional health-related statement (Health Claim) for creatine: Daily creatine consumption can enhance the effect of resistance training on muscle strength in adults over the age of 55.

Following an application by AlzChem AG the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) examined the scientific documents submitted, and delivered a positive opinion.

Creatine is a vital substance produced naturally in the body, playing a key role in transporting and storing energy in the cells. The body of the average adult contains between 80 to 130 grams of creatine. Many people obtain around half of their daily creatine requirements through eating meat and fish, which are natural food sources of creatine. The human body itself can synthesise a further amount.

Under certain conditions supplementing the diet with pure creatine, in the form of creatine monohydrate for example, can be a sensible idea, and under the conditions described above promotes health by increasing muscle strength when applied in combination with a moderate resistance training. As people age retaining muscle mass and strength in turn contributes to an independent lifestyle and thus a higher quality of life.

Creapure® is the brand name for creatine monohydrate which AlzChem AG manufactures in Germany. The production facilities built especially for this purpose are located in Trostberg in Bavaria, and are subject to the most stringent quality, purity and safety standards.

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