Calzot® - AlzChem is single REACH registrant

AlzChem is the only REACH registered producer of calcium cyanamide. Starting from June 2018 only AlzChem is allowed to distribute Calzot® (CaCN2) in Europe.

Calzot® is based on the chemical compound calcium cyanamide (CaCN2) and is applied in metallurgical processes.

The main use of Calzot® is for nitriding liquid steel by addition of Calzot® in lumpy form or as a cored wire. The nitrogen dissolves in the melt and contributes to an increase in both strength and corrosion resistance of the produced steel. Calzot® as lumpy material is available in different grain sizes and is furthermore applied in powder nitriding. In this process nitrogen and carbon diffuse into the surface of the steel component, e.g. oil pump gears, crankshafts, gear wheels, but also skid chains. Thereby the surface of the component becomes harder, which leads to higher fatigue strength and wear resistance. Moreover also the corrosion resistance is improved.

Jeannette Straßer

Jeannette Straßer

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