CalciPro® - Cored wire based on Calcium Carbide

Exploit competitive advantage with CalciPro®!

AlzChem introduced CalciPro®, a cored wire based on Calcium Carbide, in the market, which is used for Calcium treatment in secondary metallurgy. It converts alumina inclusions into calcium aluminates to prevent clogging with high efficiency and hence reliably improves castability. Moreover, it is an excellent solution to modify inclusions in order to enhance steel properties such as machinability.

The cored wire is packed in a container which guarantees highest safety in transport, storage and handling. During application the 13 mm cored wire is directly pulled out of the container.

CalciPro® shows significant performance benefits as demonstrated in commercial applications:

  • Reduction of Ca-treatment costs
  • High Ca-content and high Ca-yield
  • Reduction of treatment time
  • High safety due to less turbulence
  • Ideal for low-Si grades


Werner Gross

Werner Gross

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