CaD® - Hot metal desulfurization

CaD® is a powerful desulfurization agent based on fine calcium carbide (CaC2) powder. It is available in different grades, which consist of calcium carbide mixed with various supplements. As an example volatile coal powder increases both efficiency and reaction rate. Other additives can optimize slag properties and reduce iron losses. AlzChem produces special CaD® mixtures tailored to the individual requirements of the steel producers.


In the production of high quality steel, sulfur levels have to be as low as possible. By the use of coke in the blast furnace, sulfur is added to the process and has to be removed from the hot metal prior to the steel making process in the basic oxygen furnace. Therefore CaD® is injected into the liquid hot metal through a lance and reacts with the sulfur (S) by forming calcium sulfide (CaS). Thus the sulfur is bound in the slag, which is then removed from the metal bath.

CaC2 + S ↔ CaS + 2C

Werner Gross

Werner Gross

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