AlzChem’s top management adds further capabilities - Klaus Englmaier new management board member

Effective February 1, 2016, Klaus Englmaier will be joining the management board of AlzChem AG, currently made up of Ulli Seibel and Andreas Niedermaier.

Markus Zoellner, chairman of the AlzChem supervisory board, commented very favorably on the decision to transfer the responsibilities for technical and engineering matters to Mr. Englmaier on the management board: “I am very pleased that we have obtained the services of Klaus Englmaier to handle these responsibilities. Mr. Englmaier represents stability and reliability. He brings outstanding expertise in his understanding of our complex production processes at all sites."

A trained and qualified mechanical engineering graduate, Klaus Englmaier worked for three years in a planning department in the chemicals industry, before joining production at what was then SKW Trostberg AG on July 1, 1988. In the years thereafter the 55-year-old engineer worked as operations manager at several production plants at the Trostberg site, until in 2006 he was given overall responsibility for production and engineering at the finishing chemicals unit.

In 2008 his production responsibilities were further expanded when he was appointed site head for the Trostberg and Waldkraiburg plants, later Trostberg and Hart. In 2015 he was named head of production for the carbide site at Sundsvall, Sweden.

AlzChem Group
The AlzChem Group comprises AlzChem AG and its subsidiary companies NIGU Chemie GmbH in Waldkraiburg, Nordic Carbide in Sundsvall, Sweden, AlzChem International GmbH, AlzChem Stahltechnik GmbH, AlzChem Nutrition GmbH and the sales companies AlzChem LLC in Atlanta, USA, and AlzChem Shanghai Co. Ltd. in Shanghai, China. The registered offices of AlzChem are located in Trostberg in Upper Bavaria, in the Traunstein district. AlzChem AG is an international chemical company with more than 1,400 employees and an annual turnover of more than 320 million euros.
One of the main areas AlzChem focuses on is NCN chemistry, meaning products that have a typical nitrogen-carbon-nitrogen compound. These products are used in nutrition, agriculture, fine chemistry, metallurgy and automotive engineering.
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