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AlzChem's DYHARD® Fluid-System

AlzChem's DYHARD® Fluid-System - an efficient solution for filament winding products

On the latest composite trade fair - JEC World - the AlzChem booth featured a special attraction:

A CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) container produced with our new DYHARD® fluid system.

The application is called "filament winding", a process in which a carbon fiber strand first passes through an impregnation resin bath and then is wound onto an inliner.

Up to now, the impregnating resin baths have to be cleaned regularly, sometimes several times a day since the resin mixture reacts quickly and thus it becomes viscid and unusable.

Our system has such a high latency that these cleaning costs can be saved. This bath can be used for days without adverse effects.


Jörg Brinkmann

Jörg Brinkmann

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