Synthetically produced creatine can alleviate creatine deficiency syndrome

At the first creatine deficiency syndrome (CCDS) symposium in Austin, Texas, which AlzChem sponsored, several patients reported positive treatment outcomes with creatine. Creatine is an endogenous substance produced in the liver and kidneys and is essential for energy supply to the brain, muscles and immune system. In people with creatine deficiency syndrome (Cerebral Creatine Deficiency Syndrome, CCDS), the body’s creatine metabolism does not function properly, to word it simply, so that the brain is not supplied with creatine. “This disorder is congenital and has various manifestations. The body is either unable to produce creatine or to transport it to the cells. The consequences are often serious: children with CCDS suffer from mental and physical developmental disorders, and are usually unable to walk or speak, often suffering from epilepsy, autism or mental disabilities,” explains Dr. Ulrike Braun, Product Manager at AlzChem and symposium participant.

Organized by the Association for Creatine Deficiencies (ACD), the event aimed to bring affected people worldwide together for the first time to promote exchange among each other and with experts from science and industry. The association’s work was also able to be communicated to patients: to raise awareness of this disease, emphasize the importance of describing the course of the disease for physicians and scientists, and illustrate early diagnosis and treatment efforts. Creatine deficiency diseases are often not recognized until late because it is a rare disease without clearly standardized diagnostic methods and not often covered by insurance, making it expensive. Early detection, ideally in newborns, and appropriate therapy can alleviate the symptoms and significantly improve children’s quality of life. ACD is therefore committed to including CCDS in general newborn screening.

“We estimate that approximately 500 CCDS cases have been diagnosed worldwide. The actual number of people affected is likely to be significantly higher, however, as the disorder is usually only found when specifically looked for,” reports Kim Tuminello, Co-Founder and Director of Advocacy. In some of these cases, creatine as a dietary supplement can partially or even completely compensate for the deficit – depending on the age of the affected person – so that the patients develop completely normally. “Creatine is an essential source of energy for every cell in the body. The severity of creatine deficiency diseases illustrates the central importance of creatine for the organism as well as for physical and mental development. I am very proud that our product can help here,” says Dr. Ulrike Braun.

Creatine from AlzChem
Under the brand name Creapure®, AlzChem offers a dietary supplement consisting of the body’s own substance creatine, which helps build muscle and increase physical performance. AlzChem produces the pure creatine monohydrate in Germany according to strict guidelines in food and pharmaceutical quality with every batch thoroughly tested for purity. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has confirmed the positive effects of creatine as a dietary supplement for athletes as well as for people over 55 years of age who exercise and strength train regularly.

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from left: Dr. Ulrike Braun, Product Manager at AlzChem, with Kim Tuminello, Co-Founder and Director of Advocacy from left: Dr. Ulrike Braun, Product Manager at AlzChem, with Kim Tuminello, Co-Founder and Director of Advocacy
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