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Development of a new equipment for applying the biocide Alzogur®

The companies AlzChem and stadiko jointly have developed a new equipment for applying the biocide Alzogur®. Alzogur® is a well-proven biocide to control stable flies and the bacteria causing dysentery in piggeries. With the new developed Alzogur® dispenser the application only needs half of the time as before due to the fact that dilution and application now are made simultaneously. The Alzogur® dispenser sucks in the biocide directly from the container and adds it into the water stream in a chosen concentration.

The device does not need electric power as it is driven by the tap water. The application of Alzogur® is more safe as the farmer does not get in direct contact with the undiluted product anymore.


Dr. Hans-Jürgen Klasse

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Klasse