Eurotier 2018

2018-11-13 to 2018-11-16

The top event for animal husbandry professionals

We would like to invite you to the EuroTier, which takes place from 13 to 16 November 2018 in Hanover. Visit us in hall 20 at booth A 50!
You can experience how by treating the barn manure with Alzogur® you can get the fly problem under control and at the same time eliminate transmitters of dangerous disease. This increases the well-being of pigs and prevents the onset of disease.
AlzChem is coming up with something new this year:
From January 2019, AlzChem will market and distribute its feed additive Creamino itself. Creamino is an innovative nutritional feed additive approved for chickens and pigs. Creamino contains the active ingredient GAA, an effective source of the energy supplier Creatine. This allows savings in feed formulation (arginine, energy) and consumption. Creamino provides additional energy for healthy growth - this makes Creamino twice as interesting in times of material flow balances!
Get informed with us! We look forward to interesting discussions with you!