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DYHARD® for printed circuit boards

The laminates used for printed circuit boards are usually manufactured from glass fiber fabrics which are impregnated with epoxy resins, hardeners and accelerators. The impregnated glass fiber fabrics are dried and pre-cured in hot-air furnaces. Several such pre-impregnated layers are laminated together at high pressure and cured at high temperatures into circuit boards. DYHARD® products can be used to meet FR-4, FR-3, CEM-1 and CEM-3 standards.


DYHARD® product range


Latent curing agents DYHARD® 03



Uron based accelerators DYHARD® UR400, DYHARD® UR800
Imidazol based acceleratorsImidazol based accelerators DYHARD® MI-C, DYHARD® PI, DYHARD® MIA5


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Bastian Berger

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