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NIGU Chemie GmbH

About us

The NIGU Chemie GmbH together with AlzChem AG is part of the AlzChem Group, founded in 2006. NIGU is AlzChems competence center for nitroguanidine and guanidine salts. We develop and manufacture from laboratory and small scale standards up to production standards. Our customers are leading manufactures from the agrochemical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as automotive suppliers and the defense industry.

Quality and Competence

NIGU Chemie has established an integrated management system (IMS),which includes

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 & DIN EN ISO14001
  • DIN EN ISO 50001
  • EMAS
  • OHRIS (Occupational Health-and Risk Management)
  • (Good Manufacturing Practice - an indispensable requirement for biochemical production in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sectors)

So NIGU Chemie is prepared for coming challenges in future-orientated and growth-oriented markets. This guarantees a maximum of reliability, high quality and competitiveness of our products and services.

Dr. Frank Fleischer

Dr. Frank Fleischer

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NIGU Chemie GmbH

In 1947 Matthias Thoma founded "Chemische Werke Lowi". The only product produced at that time was guanidine carbonate. In the 1950's nitroguanidine and other products were added to the product range. The expanding market for nitroguanidine resulted in the founding of "NIGU Chemie GmbH" in 1964

In 1987 and later in 1992, SKW Trostberg AG acquired a 100% share of the company in a two step process.

In 2001 the merger of SKW Trostberg AG with Degussa-Hüls AG created Degussa AG, which later became Evonik Industries AG.

Since 2006 Nigu Chemie GmbH together with the former SKW sites on the river Alz, has been part of new AlzChem AG. 

As early as the 1970's, a unique sulfuric acid recycling plant was put into operation, meeting concerns for environmental protection.

Today technologically advanced airbag inflators and seat belt pretension systems are part of vehicle occupant safety systems with high growth rates. Nigu contributes significantly with nitroguanidine, used in gas propellants and boron- potassium-nitrate as an igniting mixture. In close cooperation with our customers, formulations based on our nitroguanidine were developed, which can eliminate the use of azide- and ammonium nitrate based generants. The non-toxic, yield optimized gas generants satisfy all of today’s requirements for technical reliability, long running thermal stability, environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

A further application for our nitroguanidine and its derivatives is the manufacture of neonicotinoide based plant protection agents.

With the production of ultrapure guanidine salts the entry in the future market of auxiliaries for biotechnology, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals took place in 1993. Ultrapure guanidine hydrochloride is used in down-stream processing in the production of modern recombinant (genetically modified) pharmaceutical active ingredients, called biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars.

Guanidine thiocyanate is used in extraction buffers for molecular diagnostics, specifically the isolation of DNA and RNA fragments from biological specimens and subsequent clinical or forensic diagnostics ("genetic fingerprinting") and for molecular biological research.

Fine Chemicals, Services

A short overview of NIGU's products and services:

Nigu produces and offers dry and wetted nitroguanidine in various particle sizes: „Low Bulk Density“ and „High Bulk Density“ as:

  • Intermediate for neonicotinoid-type insecticides and
  • Component for propellants, for instance for airbags

Furthermore Nigu offers igniting mixtures based on boron/potassium nitrate (B/KNO3) for airbag gas generants.

Other business segments include guanidine salts for pharma, diagnostics and the life-science industry:

  • Ultrapure guanidine hydrochloride
  • Ultrapure guanidine thiocyanate
  • Guanidinium salts and derivatives
  • Custom tailored buffer solutions on basis of guanidine hydrochloride or guanidine thiocyanate