Industrial Management Assistant


Mittlere Reife (intermediate school leaving certificate)
Fachabitur (vocational diploma), Abitur (university entrance diploma)
Duration of apprenticeship: 2 ½ years


Further training opportunities:

Industriefachwirt/in IHK (industrial business administrator, to chamber of industry and commerce level)
Fachkaufmann/frau FH (business specialist, diploma level)
Bachelor of Arts Business Administration
Master’s degree possible


Job profile:

This is a HIGHLY QUALIFIED PROFESSION, with many different opportunities. During the apprenticeship you will acquire skills and know-how in ALL THE COMMERCIAL AREAS such as materials management, accounting, production management, marketing/sales and human resources. During the course of this apprenticeship industrial management assistant will learn HOW THE DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS WORK TOGETHER when they schedule, negotiate, plan and coordinate. THEY ARE IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE CUSTOMER. Equally important for finding the right solutions is the ability to work in a team.

THE REQUIREMENTS PROFILE for these professions includes expert know-how and being a good networker, an ability to negotiate and to get ideas implemented, the ability to organize, love using modern communication technology, and have a knowledge of foreign languages.