Electronics Technician for IT


Mittlere Reife (intermediate school-leaving certificate),
Fachabitur (vocational diploma),
Abitur (university entrance diploma)
Duration of apprenticeship: 3 years


Further training opportunities:

Industrial supervisor,
electronics Data processing engineer,
Certified IT specialist,
Bachelor of Arts in IT,
Master’s degree possible


Job profile:

Electronics technician for IT PLAN and INSTALL, CONFIGURE AND MAINTAIN CUSTOMIZED EQUIPMENT used for information and communication technology.  They are responsible for computer systems, networking, peripherals, telephone equipment and electronic systems.

Electronics technicians for IT determine needs and then take care of the hardware and software – in short, they KEEP THE WHOLE SYSTEM UP AND RUNNING. Their main tasks include ADMINISTRATION and SUPPORT, as well as modifying and maintaining the systems.

Their skills range from technical expertise to understanding how operating processes work through to planning and implementing projects. An IT systems electronics technician also advises and trains customers.