Electronic Technician


Qualifizierender Hauptschulabschluss (secondary school leaving certificate),
Mittlere Reife (intermediate school leaving certificate)
Duration of apprenticeship: 3 ½ years


Further training opportunities:

Industry Supervisor or Master Craftsman/woman
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Master’s degree possible


Job profile:

Electronics technicians in production engineering specialize in SETTING UP AND MAINTAINING our sophisticated and automated facilities and equipment

YOUR MAIN DUTIES will include installing energy supply networks used in low-voltage and high-voltage technology. You will be expert in how to program and parameterize programmable controls, components for drive engineering, frequency converters and process control systems. You will also be skilled at laying pipes for pneumatic drive systems.

To carry out all the work necessary you will need a good knowledge of mathematics and physics and be good at making things with your hands. You will also need an INTEREST IN HOW PHYSICS AND TECHNOLOGY INTERACT AND AN UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY DO.