Chemical Technician


Qualifizierender Hauptschulabschluss (secondary school leaving certificate),
Mittlere Reife (intermediate school leaving certificate)
Duration of apprenticeship: 3 ½ years


Further training opportunities:

Industrial supervisor (chemistry) IHK (chamber of industry and commerce),
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry,
Master’s degree possible


Job profile:

Chemical technicians are specialists who work in the PRODUCTION PLANT, in THE PILOT PRODUCTION PLANT or in the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION FACILITIES of the chemicals industry.You will use the latest process control technology to operate and monitor the plants, and make sure that everything is running safely, 24/7. You will be involved in all the work required to MANUFACTURE AND PROCESS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS.
To accomplish all the varied tasks that have to be done this career demands the kind of person who can WORK WELL IN TEAMS and who is also very FLEXIBLE in their approach.