Application | AlzChem


We have set up a special online application tool for you where you can easily register and apply for posts advertised or simply send in a non-job-specific application. Once you have registered you can check the status of your application every day. The best thing about it is that you can add to your application and edit it. We prefer online applications because we can process your application quicker and more effectively. Of course you can also delete your account in our application tool.

Please use as much detail as possible when describing your profile in the online application system. Try to answer questions as precisely as possible and in detail. Please make sure you attach the following important documents:

  • A compelling cover letter
  • A resume in table format with contents relevant to your qualifications
  • Certificates of any kind
  • Proof of activities / work done

Application process

If you have found your dream job in our Jobs on Offer section and have sent off your application already then you've already completed an important step in the process. Now you want to know what happens next. When you send in your application using our application portal you will receive confirmation on the same day that we receive it.

After we receive your application we will check it, and if we require any further information or documents we will request them. Whatever happens the decision about a possible joint future at AlzChem will be drawing closer all the time. So either way we will let you know straight away. In the best case scenario we will be inviting you to an interview where we can get to know you properly. This will also give you a great opportunity to learn more about AlzChem, and to gain your first impressions of us. During the interview you will then be given further information about the application process. Normally we will want you to get to know the department you may be working for, so we will invite you to a second interview. Now you have moved very close to your goal.

If we are then able to welcome you onto our team at AlzChem a member of the human resources department who has been selected to look after you will contact you personally to discuss all the details of the contract and the exact date when you will be joining us.