Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM)

Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM), is the best manufacturing technology for the production of high volume and complex components.
AlzChem offers an feedstock for CIM based on silicon nitride powder –Silzot® FS. This feedstock not only allows you to produce complex shapes, but the sintered parts will have the highest mechanical properties, like silicon nitride ceramics produced in conventional ways.

AlzChem exhibiting at the 1st Ceramics Japan!

For more than 50 years Japan is well known as a technologically very advanced country and it is not surprising that the technical ceramic and in particular silicon nitride ceramics have a long tradition there. The first significant developments for the technically demanding sintering of silicon nitride ceramics have been done in Germany and Japan. Meanwhile Japan is by far the largest producer of silicon nitride ceramics. Therefore, it was extremely important for AlzChem with its silicon nitride powders - Silzot® - to exihibt at this show.

AlzChem Silzot® at Ceramitec 2015 in Munich

Thanks to all who came so see us! AlzChem experts got into great contact with customers and they seized the opportunity to discuss about application and technical possibilities of Silzot®. The ceramics fair offered plenty of space for ceramics productions and allowed innovative approach. In focus: AlzChem’s high α- silicon nitride powder - Silzot® HQ. Silzot® provides silicon nitride ceramics with highest properties achievable, due to its purity, crystallite size and stable quality.

AlzChem presents Silzot® at Ceramics Expo

Trostberg/Cleveland. For the first time the Ceramics Expo opened the gates at the exhibition center in Cleveland Ohio. It was a dedicated marketplace for all raw materials, equipment, machinery and technology used within the technical ceramic manufacturing supply chain. The exhibitors were mainly US-based, however Asia and Europe were also well represented.

The most important players within the technical ceramics industry where attending this exhibition.