REACH – successfully completed

With the implementation of the REACH regulation, effective as of June 2008 all chemicals made in or imported into the EU needed to be registered. As this was clearly going to be an immense task, a grace period ending May 2018 was granted. Applying significant financial and human resources, AlzChem has completed this ambitious task on time. 3 people dedicated over almost 10 years all of their efforts towards achieving the target ‘register on time’ in the most efficient way. Still, the expense for compliance with REACH exceeded an amount of 7 mio €.

AlzChem plans REACH registration for Triethylsilane until September 2019

Triethylsilane is a selective reducing and silylating agent in organic synthesis and is produced by Grignard reaction. AlzChem has been manufacturing this product in Trostberg, Bavaria for more than 10 years and can draw on its wealth of production experience.

MADE IN GERMANY means for us excellent quality and process safety, which makes our Triethylsilane a highly reliable product for the pharmaceutical industry.


Global trend: Triethylsilane for the synthesis of antiviral products

From the group of organosilicon compounds, triethylsilane is used as a reducing agent and for hydrosilylation.

The high product purity of triethylsilane is crucial for the pharmaceutical industry, especially for new developments of highly effective antivirals. An antiviral drug inhibits the multiplication of viruses and therefore is used as a drug in the treatment of infectious diseases caused by viruses.

REACH registered, triethylsilane has been produced in large volumes for over 10 years in Trostberg.