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Alzogur® and Perlka® in focus at AlzChem field crew and sales conference

The annual sales and field crew conference of the agricultural business unit took place once again in Trostberg. In addition to business development issues the latest findings on the technical and economic benefits of AlzChem products were presented. Experience in the practical application of Alzogur® in pig sties shows that this is an extremely effective and comparatively very affordable way to combat flies on a permanent basis. The systematic use of Perlka® in maize cultivation in an optimized system of fertilization results in significant increases in productivity.

Calcium Cyanamide fertilizer PERLKA® creates healthy pastures for horses!

For the main time of the year the grasses and the herbs growing on the pasture are the main source of food for grazing horses. Therefore it is very surprising that so many horse keepers neglect or completely ignore the care of the pasture. Many pastures are in such a bad condition, that one cannot have a quiet conscience when letting the horses grazing there: A poor quality of the forage inevitably affects the health of the horses.