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Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition and Creatine - Did you know?

All vertebrates need creatine for their energy metabolism. Omnivores receive a part of it from their nutrition. Creatine is naturally present in meat and fish, however, only trace amounts of creatine are found in fish meal and meat meal.

So, creatine is lost on the way from fresh meat to meat meals. Animals respond to this deficiency with low muscle creatine. Today´s feed has lost an essential biomolecule - it has lost creatine.

Creamino technology brings back creatine to animal diets. This is energy for healthy growth.

AlzChem obtains Creamino® registration for China

In July 2020, AlzChem received registration for Creamino® in China.

China is the second biggest livestock producer for poultry and swine worldwide. China is in the process of industrializing its national animal protein production and hence offers an increasing potential for Creamino®. With our innovative Creamino® technology, we can help to save costs and improve performance of livestock productions. It furtherly contributes to animal welfare.


Catching a trend - Africa, a very dynamic market for food industry

The annual per capita consumption of meat in most African countries is still below 15kg and thus much lower than those of other advancing countries (e.g. Paraguay 42kg, Lebanon 59kg, Vietnam 50kg). With improving economic situations in Africa, the market potential is steadily increasing.
In 2019 AlzChem initiated its presence as a direct supplier of Creamino® in Africa by strengthening its sales and technical support via exclusive distributors. Together with our partners we enjoy a substantial growth. We encounter ambitious customers who are eager to meet worldwide benchmarks.

The role of creatine in animal nutrition – Creamino® energy for healthy growth

Be part of the next evolution in animal feed!
Learn which essential role creatine plays in energy metabolism on a cellular level.
GAA is the only effective way of making creatine available in feed.


The addition of Creamino® to animal feed provides many benefits, such as increasing healthy muscle growth, strengthening the immune system and improving stress resistance. As a result, there is a reduction in production-related costs as well as an increase in performance and efficiency.