CalciPro® for Steel Desulfurization

CalciPro® cored wire is an established Calcium-treatment technology for inclusion modification to improve castability and to optimize material properties in commercial steel plants.

Calcium Carbide is well known as an effective desulfurization agent for hot metal in modern economic steel production. In addition, Calcium Carbide can also be used for liquid steel desulfurization.

Dormex® - new registration on blueberries in Peru

Growing blueberries in the tropics is a big challenge. The plants do not get dormant and the lack of chill leads to an uneven and weak bud break.

Dormex® is the solution for such climatic conditions. This plant growth regulator manufactured by AlzChem was recently registered in Peru for improving the bud break of blueberries. The use of Dormex® is also registered in other major blueberries producing countries like USA and Chile. 


​​LIVADUR® available March 2019 in German pharmacies

​LIVADUR®, AlzChem's first creatine consumer product for the 55+ target group, has been available in selected pharmacies in Germany since March 2019.

In the VitaPlus pharmacies and the pharmacies with screens from the ApoVid GmbH, LIVADUR® was positioned in the front row as the featured product for the month. Trained specialists, POS material and a video clip were included in the promotional activities to drive sales.

The information gained from these initial collaborations will be instrumental in a national expansion of the distribution in the next stage.

New product at AlzChem

AlzChem launches a new development in crop protection additives. With Break-Thru SP 133 we are offering for the first time an additive, which can also be used in organic farming. The new additive reduces the surface tension of spray mixtures for crop protection and enhances adhesion of the spray coating and penetration of active ingredients into the plant. It also leads during spraying to the formation of larger drops and thereby reduces the drift of fine droplets.

Ein Blick über die Schulter und in die Zukunft

Einen Tag lang durfte Niklas Kahler aus Kastl, den beiden AlzChem-Chemikern Dr. Frank Eißmann und Dr. Sebastian Fischer-Messik über die Schulter schauen. Der 17-jährige Schüler des König-Karlmann-Gymnasiums Altötting hatte sich bei AlzChem um einen Schnuppertag mit einem Akademiker beworben und erhielt nun am 16. Juli die Gelegenheit, gleich zwei erfahrene Profis in ihre Berufswelt zu begleiten.

AlzChem offers flexibility at its best

Speed and flexibility with high realization rates of new projects is one core competence of AlzChem.
By the implementation of so called core teams, existing of experts of different departments working together, we established a well working and fast decision finding process.
Projects are well monitored and performed by this matrix organization. The core teams are tried and tested now for a few years and successful growth with our customers confirms this modern way of teamwork.

AlzChem at ChemSpec India

Established for many years, AlzChem has paid another visit to India on the occasion of ChemSpec India 2016. Prior to the show, we experienced the diversity of the country and the enormous distances required to meet customers locally. We supported our local partner Chemet at their booth in many meetings focused particularly around cyanamide, dicyandiamide and nitrile derivatives. Since Indian companies produce many generic versions of world leading drugs, it was no surprise that we again could bag purchase orders into our luggage.