Press release

Together over one thousand five hundred years at AlzChem

On Thursday, November 21, AlzChem honored this year’s anniversary employees and at the same time said farewell to 25 employees who ended their active professional lives.

AlzChem celebrated together with over 100 guests. This year, 45 employees have been with the company for a total of 1,605 years. 15 employees celebrated a quarter of a century at AlzChem, 24 have been with the company for 40 years and six can look back on 45 years of service.


AlzChem Group AG comments on the restriction report  issued by the European Chemicals Agency on the use of calcium cyanamide as a fertilizer 

AlzChem Group AG puts new Creamino plant into operation

Trostberg, September 13, 2019 – AlzChem Group AG, a vertically integrated specialty chemicals supplier with leading market positions in select niche markets, officially commissioned its new Creamino plant at the Trostberg Chemical Park yesterday. The company has thus tripled its production capacity for this fast-growing feed additive from around 7,000 tons to around 21,000 tons.

Creapure® – Creatine monohydrate of the highest quality and purity from Bavaria

For many years, the AlzChem Group has been producing creatine monohydrate under the brand name Creapure® in the heart of Bavaria, the Chiemgau region. Both professional and recreational athletes from all over the world rely on the purity and effectiveness of Creapure®. But what do we need creatine for? And why does it come from Trostberg?


Andreas Niedermaier becomes new CEO – Dr. Georg Weichselbaumer appointed to the Management Board effective July 1, 2019

Trostberg, June 3, 2019 – The Supervisory Board of AlzChem Group AG has decided to appoint Mr. Andreas Niedermaier (CFO) as the new CEO with effect from July 1, 2019, in view of the resignation of the current CEO Mr. Ulli Seibel as of December 31, 2019. In this function, Mr. Niedermaier will also be responsible for Investor Relations and Communications. Dr. Georg Weichselbaumer was newly appointed to the Management Board effective July 1, 2019. Dr.

We are AlzChem!

The AlzChem image film presents the company as a group that focuses on know-how, research and technology – but that is also shaped by the people who work here. The four-minute video gives an insight into the heart of AlzChem, the production of calcium carbide in Hart, as well as an interesting overview of the company's other modern products. The main role, however, is played by the employees, whose commitment and community makes AlzChem an attractive employer who can look back on a long tradition and always has a vision for the future.

Synthetically produced creatine can alleviate creatine deficiency syndrome

At the first creatine deficiency syndrome (CCDS) symposium in Austin, Texas, which AlzChem sponsored, several patients reported positive treatment outcomes with creatine. Creatine is an endogenous substance produced in the liver and kidneys and is essential for energy supply to the brain, muscles and immune system. In people with creatine deficiency syndrome (Cerebral Creatine Deficiency Syndrome, CCDS), the body’s creatine metabolism does not function properly, to word it simply, so that the brain is not supplied with creatine. “This disorder is congenital and has various manifestations.

Ein Blick über die Schulter und in die Zukunft

Einen Tag lang durfte Niklas Kahler aus Kastl, den beiden AlzChem-Chemikern Dr. Frank Eißmann und Dr. Sebastian Fischer-Messik über die Schulter schauen. Der 17-jährige Schüler des König-Karlmann-Gymnasiums Altötting hatte sich bei AlzChem um einen Schnuppertag mit einem Akademiker beworben und erhielt nun am 16. Juli die Gelegenheit, gleich zwei erfahrene Profis in ihre Berufswelt zu begleiten.

AlzChem research uncovers new synthesis route for amidines

Trostberg. Amidines are organic chemical compounds with an NCN structure, meaning a typical nitrogen-carbon-nitrogen sequence. These types of chemicals are one of AlzChem’s core competencies. NCN structures are contained in many biologically active molecules, which is why a general new synthesis method is so important to the development and production of active ingredients in pharmaceuticals and crop protection. Amidines to this point have been difficult to synthesize, particularly without substituents on nitrogen.