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AlzChem's DYHARD® Fluid-System

AlzChem's DYHARD® Fluid-System - an efficient solution for filament winding products

On the latest composite trade fair - JEC World - the AlzChem booth featured a special attraction:

A CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) container produced with our new DYHARD® fluid system.

The application is called "filament winding", a process in which a carbon fiber strand first passes through an impregnation resin bath and then is wound onto an inliner.

New Production Campaign of CDMT

Today we would like to spark your interest in our newly produced auxiliary reagent: 2-Chloro-4,6-dimethoxy-1,3,5-triazine (CDMT, CAS No.: 3140-73-6).
CDMT is a highly reactive coupling agent for the synthesis of amides and peptides, especially suitable for sterically hindered substrates.
For many pharmaceutical companies, CDMT is the first choice in the synthesis of high value products – particularly in late stage of synthesis.
AlzChem strongly focuses on the quality of this product and serves material with an assay of min. 99.0%

New AlzChem Auxiliary Reagents Flyer

Auxiliary reagents – small compounds with large effect.
They are used in chemical research and analysis to see if a chemical reaction occurs or in production to perform a special chemical reaction.
Having the right guanidine reagent in the critical step of synthesis is key to the success of your chemical work.
We are proud of this steady and dependable product range that is summarized in the newly published flyer.
Have a look!

ChemSpec Europe 2017

Continuing a longstanding tradition, AlzChem will again be represented in 2017 with its own booth at ChemSpec Europe.
The show will take place on May 31/June 01 in Munich.


Guanidine Hydrochloride and Guanidine Thiocyanate

AlzChem AG offers exclusive customized service when it comes to Guanidine Hydrochloride and Guanidine Thiocyanate: We prepare custom-made buffer solutions for biotechnological application – starting with small scale production.


In response to the high demands of the pharmaceutical Industry, Alzchem also offers a premium pharmaceutical grade quality of Dicyandiamide named TROPHARM.  Working hand-in-hand with our pharmaceutical customers we have developed various customer specific tailor-made grades of extreme high purity and exceptional low levels of impurities and water content. TROPHARM is a major component in the manufacture of Metformin, an API used for the treatment of diabetes.

Reductions with Sodium Borohydride – We Know How

A special technology established at AlzChem is the use of sodium borohydrate for reductions in technical scale. The compound is an efficient and selective reducing agent for a series of organic molecules. AlzChem has appropriate equipment and suitable processes for a safe application and knows how to handle this challenging reagent.