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TROSTBERG CHEMICAL PARK providing future perspectives

Trostberg. September 1, 42 new apprentices began their future careers at the TROSTBERG CHEMICAL PARK. The training offered for seven professions in the disciplines of natural sciences, engineering and commerce takes 2 ½ to 3 ½  years. Manfred Hochreiter, head of training at AlzChem, was very pleased to welcome the new professionals, and put them all in the mood for the training ahead, saying: "We provide our apprentices in the various stages of their training and professions with very thorough training, and expect commitment, ambition, hard work and stamina.

Politics and business off to a great start

Trostberg. Guests from the highest levels of business and politics came together at the traditional new year’s reception held by the chemical companies AlzChem and BASF, with the mood optimistic and upbeat as they got the new year off to a flying start.

Discussions focused on a review of the past year and the outlook for the new year. Current political and economic topics also featured strongly, in particular concerning building out infrastructure and securing the energy supply.

Tap tap hooray!

Hart. The Hart elementary school now has its new tablet-based learning system up and running. AlzChem director Stefan Greger went to see for himself – and came away very impressed. When he visited class 3a the students were diligently typing in the right answers (we hope!) into their tablet computers. School Principal Heiko Schachtschabel is proud of the new medium, an additional electronic contribution to teaching at the elementary school that has enhanced all aspects of teaching since it was introduced last year.

Off to a flying start with an apprenticeship at AlzChem and BASF

Trostberg. The Trostberg Chemical Park will be presenting its apprenticeship training department this year again. Young people who are about to finish school and those who have graduated are invited to bring their parents along to get a good look at the many different apprenticeship opportunities that the Chemical Park offers. The event kicks off on Saturday July 11, at 8.30 am.

CHEMICAL PARK continues to be well represented

Trostberg/Munich. The Trostberg CHEMICAL PARK continues to be well represented on the Bavarian chemistry associations - in Munich on July 8 participants at the joint members' meeting of the Bavarian Chemical Industry Association and the Bavarian Regional Chemical Industry Association elected AlzChem CEO Stefan Greger to the Advisory Board for a new term, and BASF site coordinator Erich Lackner to the Economic Policy Committee again.

Apprenticeships at AlzChem – lots of variety and very practical

Trostberg. Many young people took the opportunity at the weekend to come with parents and friends to visit AlzChem AG at the TROSTBERG CHEMICAL PARK. As it does each year in summer the company presented its training facilities and provided detailed information on apprenticeships and how to apply for them. 72 apprentices and their instructors were on hand to answer questions, and they used their own experience to report on how the training was structured, the technical schools and examples of what the individual departments focused on.

AlzChem products in high demand

Cologne/Trostberg. AlzChem's participation in Chempsec Europe, the biggest chemicals trade fair in Europe, was very successful for the company's specialists.

398 companies and organizations from 31 countries exhibited at the trade fair, and more than 6000 visitors came – 21% more than the previous year in Budapest. Representatives of the international chemicals industry met together over three days to discuss new products and technologies and to talk about current developments in client industries such as the agriculture and automotive segments.