Fertilization of roses with PERLKA® in Ecuador

From the Alps to the Andes...and back

In the highlands of Ecuador, at an altitude of around 3.000 meters above the sea level, high quality roses are grown. The climate of the Andes is perfect for this delicate crop. Ecuadorian growers are proud to produce the world`s longest roses, whose stems can achieve a length of two meters.

Roses are a special gift, very demanded during celebrations like Valentin’s day or Mother’s day. From Ecuador, they are delivered all over the world, to people who want to express others their love, friendship or appreciation.

In preparation for Valentin’s day, roses are pruned in October/November. Immediately after pruning, a fertilization with PERLKA® has shown to be beneficial for growing a healthy crop, which is more resistant to plant pathogens. Different studies have shown that PERLKA® helps increasing the productivity in growing roses: More stems per plant and longer stems.  

José Martínez

José Martínez

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