AlzChem introduces online tracking

Calcium carbide tank cars fitted with GPS

Since the beginning of November last year the new railroad cars have been rolling on tracks across the world, bringing customers CaD – AlzChem's hot metal desulfurization agent. As market leader in the segment of calcium carbide-based hot metal desulfurization agents our job is to ensure rock-solid reliability of supply and punctuality of delivery.

The data from the GPS tracker help locate and track our railroad cars. But even more importantly perhaps, the data are used as a valuable input for our internal logistics software, where they are processed to ensure an optimized interaction between logistics and production planning.

Particularly when unforeseen events occur it becomes extremely important to be able to rapidly evaluate and review the transport situation. These situations include weather events such as storms and also strikes. Acting quickly and properly is essential, particularly then.

The improved overview and increased flexibility means our customers no longer need to hoard excessive numbers of railroad cars. That reduces unnecessary downtime, and it increases efficiency both for the customer and for AlzChem.

AlzChem introduces online tracking  Calcium Carbid GPS
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