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Eminex®: Climate protection made easy


Eminex® is an additive for liquid manure and biogas digestate, which has the following scientifically proven benefits:


  • Long term suppression of methane and CO2 emissions during slurry storage
  • Less floating layer formation and lower necessary storage volume
  • Better fertilising effect of the slurry
  • More work safety and animal welfare through lower hydrogen sulfide emissions in the pig barn


Martin Eberl

Martin Eberl

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Creamino®, AlzChem’s source of creatine for animal nutrition, is now authorised in the US for use as feed additive for all types of poultry. The extension of the current feed additive status of guanidinoacetic acid – successfully progressed by AlzChem – became effective with publication in the Code of Federal Regulation in July 2021. Creamino® was originally approved for use in growing broilers and turkeys in 2016. With this approval extension, AlzChem now has the right to sell Creamino® for...
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The health and integrity of animals are close to the heart of our company. AlzChem currently introduces a revolutionary concept in the future development of high-quality animal feed. Under the title "3rd evolution in feed", our product Creamino® is a premier example to illustrate how the optimal application and targeted utilization of feed ingredients at the cellular level promotes animal welfare and animal health. Even more, the profitability of companies can be optimized with Creamino®. It...
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BREAK-THRU® SP 133 - the additive for organic farming - is now also listed in InfoXgen®, the list of operating resources for organic farming in Austria. In 2021 AlzChem will be able to offer the product BREAK-THRU® SP 133 to farmers in Austria for the first time.   Additives are used in conventional and organic farming to optimize the efficacy of crop protection products, biostimulants and foliar fertilizers and to reduce losses of active ingredients. External impacts, such as cold...
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The history of Perlka® in rice begins around 1910 in northern Italy with the first experimental tests executed by the botanical garden of Turin in which the fertilizing efficacy of the product was clearly proved. Slow nitrogen supply with simultaneous lime effect, which counteracts soil acidification and sustainably maintains and improves soil fertility. The advantages of Perlka® in rice were subsequently confirmed by many scientific trials done since the mid 1930’s until today. Perlka® is now...
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2021-10-27 to 2021-10-28
AlzChem with Creamino® at the Feedinfo Summit in Genf AlzChem is hosting a round table discussion on "How do emerging global megatrends and economic challenges impact poultry diets?" at this year's Feedinfo summit in Geneva.  The event,...
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2021-11-23 to 2021-11-25
This year the 23rd Dawajine Exhibition in Casablanca (international largest Poultry exhibition for Morocco and north africa) will take place from November 23rd – 25th. Exhibitors from many different areas e.g. egg...
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