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Calcium cyanamide is an approved EC fertilizer and is used in all EU countries.

Chemical properties PERLKA®
Total nitrogen 19.8%
Nitrate nitrogen 1.8%
Cyanamide nitrogen > 15%
Dicyandiamide nitrogen approx. 0.5%
Neutralising value (CaO)* > 50%



Physical properties PERLKA®
appearance and Composition Gray-black granulate
Pouring density 1000kg/m³
Grain size 0.8  -  3.5 mm



Packaging PERLKA®
PSE sack, palletized 25 and 50 kg
big pack 600 kg
unpackaged loose
Small packets 5 and 10 kg


*basic active constituents in calcium cyanamide, calculated as CaO. 1