What is ALZOGUR®?

ALZOGUR® is a biocide for treating liquid manure in pig houses. It is used to eradicate fly larvae with sustaining effect and to kill dysentery pathogens in the slurry.

In connection with dysentery, ALZOGUR® plays an important role in both the decontamination of affected farms and prophylactic treatment.

Once slurry treated with ALZOGUR® has been spread on the fields, ALZOGUR® is converted into forms of nitrogen that are readily available to plants and thus acts as an effective plant nutrient.

Ausbringung von ALZOGUR® auf den Spaltenboden

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Martin Eberl

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ALZOGUR® is a biocide and must therefore be stored in its original container, which must be kept away from direct sunlight and stored at temperatures not exceeding 20°C. The container must be kept out of reach of children and away from food, beverages and animal feeds.

ALZOGUR® has a limited shelf life; please refer to the expiry date shown on the container.

Always comply with the information provided in our safety data sheet!

We are happy to send you a copy upon request.

  • ALZOGUR® is a biocide and must therefore not be applied via a high-pressure cleaner or backpack sprayer, as this may result in harmful aerosols.
  • Users must not consume alcohol before, during and 24 hours after handling and applying ALZOGUR®.
  • The intake of ALZOGUR® may be harmful to health, and any unnecessary contact with this biocide must therefore be avoided.
  • Only persons concerned with applying ALZOGUR® may access the pig house during ALZOGUR® application. Others, in particular children, and pets such as dogs or cats must not enter the pig house.
  • Never use ALZOGUR® in stocked or partially stocked pig houses.

Use and apply with the utmost caution and wear appropriate personal protective equipment:

  • ProChem® IC protective suit (or equivalent type of protective suit as per EN 14605)
  • Rubber boots (EN 13832)
  • Protective gloves (EN 374)
  • Tightly sealing goggles

Always comply with the information provided in our safety data sheet!